New Artist Statement

As I observe my eye is drawn to the spectrum of color and texture. I work to explore the edges of these spectrums allowing my pieces to become visual evidence of the middle ground between black/white, hard/ soft and smooth/rough. In keeping with this exploration, I am eliminating color to emphasize shape, line and texture. In my newest work, I am focusing on only four colors: black, white, grey and gold.

Metal is an optimum medium for someone who loves fire. Wool, perhaps metal’s opposite, is a pliable canvas like surface. I apply three processes to dress the wool and integrate the metal. Using brass I create a wire design to serve as a cookie cutter. I burn the design into the wool like a brand and paint over the channel.

The wool and metal together create a stark landscape; warmth is needed to complete the design. Through the metalsmithing technique Keum-CaraNecklaceEDITED (1)boo I introduced gold to allow the eye a place to rest, to get warm.

Finally, to complement these dense pieces I mold silver into geometric shapes to emphasize negative space open to the wearers’ skin and clothing.

The resulting collection features contemporary clean lines – warmed by gold.

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