I strive to create pieces with spectrum connections to what inspires me, allowing my pieces to become visual evidence of the middle ground between black/white, hard/ soft and smooth/rough. These polarizing components add visual interest for me to play with in creating each piece.

The visible spectrum consists of a broad range of colors but in my latest work I chosen to focus on only four of those colors: black, white, grey and gold. I have made a conscious decision to eliminate color to emphasize shape, line and texture.

Craving concrete forms, metal is an obvious medium for someone who loves fire. I can cut score and solder shapes that will act as a cradle for my soft pliable felted studies. By framing these textile creations I can control how they are perceived, almost making them look like precious stones in an environment that is expected with an unexpected material.

In search of warmth in the stark barrenness landscapes these pieces evoke; the introduction of light was necessary. Through the metalsmithing technique of Keum boo (translation attached gold) I introduced a precious addition to the work with 24k gold. This provides the eye a place to rest, get warm.

The resulting collection features contemporary clean lines – warmed by gold.